Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The best laid plans..............

Well, so much for everything I had planned to do this week.

I had an idea on Monday that something was not right, but then woke yesterday to more definite pain which got worse and worse. I went to the GP (after the usual pantomime of dialling their 0844 number and being kept on hold forever before, luckily, getting an appointment) who gave me antibiotics for a kidney infection.

One of the things about the human body is that it doesn't do subtle when it wants to tell you that there's something wrong. It bloody hurts! I spent yesterday doped up with painkillers and hot water bottles on tummy and back and I could still feel it.  Today, it feels like I've been kicked in the back, but I feel brighter and not so nauseous.

I've never had this particular antibiotic before and it came with a leaflet that outlines even more scary than usual potential side effects. I know that this is the manufacturer covering their backsides, but apparently this stuff can give you aseptic meningitis and make you more vulnerable to the effects of UV light. Just as well we don't live anywhere sunny, then.

Of course, being on antibiotics is not what I'd have wanted in the run up to Conference at the weekend. Mark Thompson told me via Twitter, though, that I might still be able to avail myself of some of the free booze on offer, if I want to take the advice of Messrs Fry, Clarkson, Davies et al from QI, which is on You Tube here.

In the midst of all the pain, Anna and I had to take Patches the bunny to the vet for his follow up appointment. Both rabbits are a lot better, and Patches doesn't have to be seen again, thankfully. We're back there with Benj next week when I reckon the total bill will go over the £200 mark. Just what we needed.

I was so proud of Anna - she loves her animals and always takes good care of them, but yesterday a nervous Patches really clung to her and she was able to soothe him and calm him down. It's clear he trusts her.

Anyway, I'm sure you will understand if my blogging is a little light in the next few days. I'll have lots of scandal, gossip and rumour to tell you from Conference next week so watch this space.

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