Monday, March 21, 2011

Marrying the Mistress - I take part in a podcast, an #f1 season preview

I spent a good part of Saturday evening helping to record the first podcast on The Pitstraight site. I don't know quite why I persist in trying out these new methods of broadcasting when it's patently obvious I'm best at writing, but I thoroughly enjoyed spending an hour or so chatting about one of my favourite subjects with some nice people.

Clearly podcasting gets round my "face for radio" issues, but it isn't perfect. When I write and I mess something up, I can hide it so you'd never know. Unfortunately, my gob doesn't have a backspace key, so there were times when I just couldn't get the words out in the order I wanted them to and I was way too hesitant. I think I did manage to make some reasonable observations at some points and, in fact, the title of the episode, Marrying the Mistress, comes from something I said.

Thankfully, the others involved were brilliant. Neal Brown, who owns the Pitstraight site, has an encyclopaedic knowledge and is good at keeping the discussion moving forward. Callum Leslie is already such an assured and talented broadcaster - and he said he had done absolutely no research. I, on the other hand, had pages of notes, quietly gleaned while I was sobering up from what was probably too much white wine at lunchtime. Seriously, I actually drank 3 cups of coffee at home - and I never make coffee at home.

The podcast is imperfect - we went on for far too long about the smaller teams, meaning we had less time to chew the fat over the big hitters. Despite that, we do a lot of disagreeing with other and it gets lively at times, particularly between Callum and I on the subject of Mr Schumacher.  I'm sure, also that my lovely F1 friends on Twitter will be pleased with some of the things I had to say about Mr Hamilton.

Callum is letting me on his Edinburgh Uni radio show tomorrow morning, as well - albeit because he can't get anyone else because Parliament's dissolving.  This time we'll be talking about politics and there will probably be much more agreement between us.

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