Friday, November 04, 2011

Lib Dem Caddick in Inverness by-election thriller

There will be some well bitten nails on the hands of Liberal Democrat and SNP activists in Inverness this afternoon after a thrilling count of the votes in the Inverness by-election. The Highland Council seat was vacated after the previous Labour councillor was sent to prison for benefit fraud.

It wasn't until the sixth and final stage of the AV count that Liberal Democrat Carolyn Caddick pulled ahead of her SNP rival to win by just 7 votes, 1091 to 1084.

It's an impressive return to form for the party and a characteristically good performance from the Inverness campaign team.

I understand the team will be celebrating with beer and chilli this evening - they deserve it!

A delighted Willie Rennie said:

"It is great to see Liberal Democrats back to our winning ways.

“Carolyn is just what good Liberal Democrat representative are; champions for our communities with good liberal values at the core.

“Winning a seat from Labour and beating the SNP shows that Scottish Liberal Democrats offer something that people want.”

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cynicalHighlander said...

First round %

Inverness South
SNP 34% (+7%)
LD 29% (+6%)
Lab 12% (-5%)
Con 11% (+1%)
Green -6% (+6%)
Xtian -5% (+5%)
Ind -4% (-19%)

Oban North & Lorn
SNP 44% (+22%)
LD 11% (-4%)
Con 21% (+12%)
Ind 25% (-30%)

A delighted Willie Rennie said:

"It is great to see Liberal Democrats back to our winning ways."

He must of been taking polling lessons from prof Curtice. Now who is more likely to benefit from those disillusioned Labour voters?

Unknown said...

Well, CH, in Inverness, yesterday, more of them came to the Liberal Democrats.

cynicalHighlander said...

Quite and by the time of the next election they will be voting Labour again because they have only come over as a protest vote this time because they are unionists at heart but who could never vote Tory. 26.8% turnout remember as well.


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