Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oi, media, were you asleep last year when Clegg effigies were being hanged?

There's a lot of fuss in the media about the entirely tasteless antics of St Andrew's university students in burning an effigy of Barack Obama. It's a crude ritual that really should not happen in a modern, liberal society.

No matter how much I disliked someone, carrying out some mock execution on their likeness is not something I'd consider doing.

I don't think these things should be banned, but I have no problem in calling out the perpetrators for being small minded, intolerant idiots.

I do wonder, though, where the media were last year when the lefties were hanging effigies of Nick Clegg during the student demos.

Where was the condemnation and the outrage at this equally unpleasant act?

Double standards, much.


cynicalHighlander said...

Up Here they hang themselves.

In a statement, a Transport Scotland spokesman said: "The reference to constitutional change in the consultation is a positive one.

"Constitutional change would enable the Scottish government to develop a rail franchise that offers real opportunities to achieve more for Scotland - with more borrowing powers, more responsibilities for cross-border rail, and more progress over high speed rail."

Seems that telling porkies is part of the LibDem entrance exam.

No1 in the charts.

Munguin said...

Yea Caron but you see most people like Obama. You see he has not jumped into bed with the Republicans!

Unknown said...

Let me get this right, Munguin. You think that if most people don't like someone, it's perfectly fine to subject their effigy to a mock execution?


Munguin said...

No I don't think I am. You yourself said you don't want to stop people from doing this kind of thing. It would not be my favoured way of expressing my disgust. But if you can permit people the freedom to so express themselves, I am merely providing a reason why they might wish to do so with effigys of Nick Clegg who is so very unpopular, and why the majority of people are shocked that anyone would do so with Obama who is so very popular, that is all.

I also understand that these St Andrews University Tories burnt Nelson Mandella. But Caron that is the sort of people that Nick has now jumped into bed with.


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