Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Schumacher in surprise Ferrari return.

Ok, I want to know who Stephen's mole in Ferrari is, but it turns out he called it right. Michael Schumacher is indeed going to replace the injured Felipe Massa at the European Grand Prix in Valencia. In a way I'm annoyed at them for announcing it so far in advance - I'm not sure I can bear to wait 23 days to see him in action!

One of the first posts I made on this blog was the day Schumi retired. He's such a special talent that even if the car isn't up to much, it'll be so exciting to watch him drive.

I did wonder what was going on when Willi Weber, Michael's manager, denied the speculation so quickly. I seem to remember him doing the same when there were rumours that Michael would move from Benetton to Ferrari for the 1996 season - and a few days later, the announcement being made.

I am genuinely torn about who to support in Valencia. Schumacher was part of that special team at Ferrari that included Ross Brawn and Rubens Barrichello so my heart has been with the Brawn team all season. Ross looked so miserable at the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday so my instinct is to want Rubens to win, Michael to come second and Jenson third. Mind you, I guess Brawn would be happy with two of the first three places, so maybe it would be fabulous to see that Schumi jump on the podium. Much as I like Sebastian Vettel, his victory leap just isn't the same.

It'll also be interesting to see Michael come back without Ross in his ear giving him the killer strategy at a circuit he's not driven at. I expect that whatever the result, he'll be thrilling and exciting. I can't wait.

UPDATE: Yousuf has done an absolutely brilliant Schumi retropsective. If you do nothing else today, read it......

UPDATE 2: Excellent article from Duncan on Schumi's return. Not for the first time, I think that a job offer for this man in motorsport journalism is long overdue. His knowledge, going back to days before he was born, is awesome.

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