Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 11 most read blog posts of 2011

Thanks to the wonder of Google Analytics, I can tell you that my most popular blog posts of the year are....

1. The sad, but happy for her, news that Claudia Winkleman would not be doing It Takes Two this year.

2. When Eamonn used Twitter to crow about Sky's supremacy over the BBC - without much respect to a young, dead girl and her family.

3. Simon Hughes, bless him, copped a rant from me for a crassly worded e-mail. He was so sorry that it didn't take long to forgive him, though.

4. Braehead shopping centre called the police on a dad for taking photos of his daughter. They soon had to back down and change their policy, though.

5. The First Day without  Andrew Reeves

6. Sexy MP  - just a bit of harmless fun?

7. Nadine Dorries accuses Evan Harris of blackmail

8. For Maplins, the social networking team were much better than their store staff

9. My Federal Conference Dilemma - to submit to accreditation or not

10. No doubt Gareth Epps is a pain in the arse as far as the leadership are concerned, and that's not a bad thing, but there was a moment when they almost didn't let him into our Conference

11. Nick Clegg made me cross - or at least whoever wrote his e-mail did.

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