Thursday, December 01, 2011

Willie Rennie urges all Liberal Democrats to respond to equal marriage consultation

There has been no politician in Scotland who has been more active in supporting a change in the law to allow same sex couples to get married than Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie.  I've been really proud of him. Too often in the past, our parliamentarians have mainly voted in accordance with our policies but not actually proactively talked about it.  It's been really good that both Willie and Nick Clegg are so obviously comfortable discussing issues affecting LGBT people.

Yesterday, Willie commented on the poorly attended Scotland for Marriage march which went to Holyrood.

He said:

"I am very disappointed that senior and respected figures like Cardinal O'Brien and Gordon Wilson could be so intolerant. Liberal Democrats support the SNP Government's effort to bring fairness and equality to marriage and we urge the First Minister to stand firm against this campaign.
"What I find difficult to understand is why those opposed to equal marriage want to impose their views on everyone else when we are not seeking to impose our views on them. If two people want to get married and a church wants to conduct the service why should anyone stop them?
"Liberal Democrats want a tolerant and fair society and equal marriage is a key part of that."
Later on, he wrote to all Liberal Democrat members outlining his position and asking them to contribute to the Scottish Government's Consultation which ends a week tomorrow, on 9th December.

Dear friend,
As a protest group gathers outside the Scottish Parliament in opposition to equal marriage, I am reminded that many people have reservations about the proposals.
I am not one of them. 
I want Scotland to be a country that pushes the boundaries of progress. I want marriage to be available to anyone who wants it, no matter what their sexual orientation. I want old prejudice to be cast aside in favour of an open and inclusive society.
Most of all, I want a full and frank debate on the issue that brings in people from all walks of life and listens to all voices, from that of the largest religious organisations to the individual who has something to share.
The Scottish Government’s consultation on equal marriage ends on 9th December. Before then, I want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in a decision that, for better or worse, will alter the direction of Scotland’s social progress.
You can make a submission to the consultation here.
If you have a view on the issue, please make your voice heard.

Thank you.
Willie Rennie
So, if you haven't responded to my repeated attempts to get you to respond to the consultation here , maybe Willie will inspire you to do so instead.


Stuart Smith said...

Sorry but I don't believe Willie has written to every member of the Scottish Party.

I do believe however, he has sent an email to every party member who has granted the party permission to use their email address.

As a former membership secretary I know that to "contact every member" you have to send things by post.

Mark Pack said...

Excellent to see Willie Rennie involving party members in a campaign like this (something I've often said we should do more).


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