Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ten Reasons to vote for the Liberal Democrats in Edinburgh tomorrow

1. They inherited an unholy financial mess from Labour. The Council was on the verge of bankruptcy. Jenny Dawe and her team had the wisdom and the courage to take tough decisions to put things on a much more secure footing.

2. The Lib Dem led coalition has built the first Council houses in Edinburgh for a generation.

3. Since 2007, respite care has been increased by 13% and more elderly people are receiving evening care.

4. Lib Dems set up the Edinburgh Guarantee to ensure every school leaver has either a job, education or training.

5. The city has won the most improved Scottish urban Council twice

6. Four new care homes have been built.

7. Crime has been cut due to community warden initiatives.

8. Recycling has been increased by 15% since 2007.

9. School attainment increased since 2007.

10. New libraries opened in Drumbrae and Captain's Road and others refurbished.

Not bad for a time when money was really tight.

And this is what they plan for the next 5 years:

  • Triple the number of new affordable homes built each year and finish modernisation of all council houses.
  • Fix all potholes permanently
  • Keep Lothian Buses in public ownership
  • Continue to improve care for the elderly, making it flexible and personal and high quality
  • Increasing recycling and tackling grafitti.
  • Invest in parks, pitches and sports facilities to capitalise on the legacy of the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.
  • Support cycling
If you live in Edinburgh, give your Liberal Democrat candidate your first preference tomorrow. They've delivered on the things that matter despite having very little financial wiggle room. Jenny Dawe particularly has shown enormous courage and leadership. She's a brilliant and tenacious woman. Before she led the Council she spent her time working for a welfare rights organisation, winning 80% of the benefits appeals they fought. Her heart is 100% in the right place and I want to see her continue in a leading role in the Council. It needs her experience. 

Paul Edie has transformed social care and housing, vastly improving the quality of services and giving hard pressed carers more of a break. He has been brilliant and I'm looking forward to going out knocking up with him in the morning. 

All our councillors and candidates have proven records of service and  hard work for their communities and deserve the trust and first preference. 

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