Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why I always stay in the cinema till the very last credit has rolled....

Last night Scotland Tonight was looking at the best Scottish movie of the Queen's reign and came up with the harrowing and gripping Trainspotting. I watched that on video on a Sunday afternoon and was traumatised by it. It always tops these sorts of polls and it deserves to, having been nominated for an Oscar.

It's hard to argue with that choice - although for me, first love never dies and Gregory's Girl (and that penguin).

But if you're looking for Scots born input into movies, may I introduce you to a man called Peter Lindsay who's worked on the sound on some pretty iconic films of the last couple of decades? From The Wings of the Dove to Brassed Off to Batman Begins to Miss Potter to the Queen to Mrs Henderson Presents to Salmon Fishing in Yemen and Sherlock Holmes, he's amassed quite a CV which you can see here on IMDB.

And, if you're wondering, yes, he is a relation - my uncle. He's lived in Northern Ireland for a long time now, but he was brought up in Inverness. When I was a little girl I used to love it when he and my Auntie Barbara used to come over for visits and take me out. He's also a massive F1 fan and I really enjoyed chatting about this very exciting season at my sister's wedding last month.

Anyway, you now know the reason I never, ever leave a cinema until I've read every single credit. There's a huge crew behind a movie but often it's only the lead actors we acknowledge. There's a crew of hundreds behind them and I feel that if they've put the work in, then the least I can do is see who they are.

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