Saturday, June 29, 2013

How exciting can one weekend get?

I am sitting on my bed during a brief lull in Doctor Who convention proceedings sipping Earl Grey & marvelling  at how many exciting things are going on this weekend.

On the Liberal Democrat front, Portsmouth Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson and his partner John have their civil partnership today. I hear that there was gridlock in the city as guess made their way to the ceremony. Best wishes to Gerald & John for a long & happy life together. 

Then there's the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. I so want Mark Webber to win his last race here but he'll have a tough job. A Mercedes win would be nice, but I would much rather it was for Nico.

Wimbledon continues with British interest into the second week.

Just as my parents leave France after their first joyfully successful motor homing expedition, the Tour de France starts. Let's hope we see our Cav continue his current good form.

And then there's here at Starfury's Return to the eleventh hour convention, based around Matt Smith's tenure as The Doctor. It had a controversial start after convention organiser Sean Harry disengaged brain & keyboard while, in his words, feeding some Internet trolls. In so doing, he insulted Sixth Doctor Colin Baker who responded on Twitter. I think it will take a hand-written, sincere apology to get over that one, not just a simple tweet. We all screw up online - it's how you put it right that matters.

Anyway, it is fantastic to have Neve McIntosh & Catrin Stewart, who play current irregular companions Madam  Vastra & Jenny Flint. They had a fun talk speculating about their characters' pasts and future and suggesting that the Doctor might have a child with them. Catrin revealed that Matt Smith kissing her and her slap in response in Crimson Horror were not in the script. Matt added the kiss, she responded accordingly.

I just love Simon Fisher Becker, who plays Dorium Maldovar. Apart from being very funny, he provided lots of real, practical insights into an actor's life. He said he spends part of each day reviewing work he's done (as he put it, ringing his agent and seeing if the money has come in) and looking for new work. Both he & Christina Chong made much of the idea that you don't just say you want to be an actor, you behave as though you are. You have to be quite strategic about learning the craft and knowing the industry. 

And that is all I have time for now - autographs & photos to collect! Then fancy dress, with Anna as Rory Williams, tonight. 

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