Tuesday, June 11, 2013

McInnes: The beginning of the end for local justice

I asked this morning if North East Fife MSP Rod Campbell would put constituency over party over court closures. Sadly, we now know the answer. He, like his SNP colleagues and John Finnie who is technically an independent voted down a Labour motion to annul the orders closing the courts.

I am certain he won't be allowed to forget that choice in a hurry.

It was depressing to watch the SNP MSPs criticise the closures and then vote for them. It was as though they were too scared to defy Kenny MacAskill.

It was also depressing how few of them, including MacAskill were bothered about the human consequences of their decision.

Liberal Democrat Justice Spokesperson Alison McInnes had this to say after the vote.

Today’s vote marks the beginning of the end for local justice in Scotland.
SNP members of the committee have shown complete contempt for their constituents in voting to close down local courts in Cupar, Stonehaven, Peebles, Haddington and around the country.  To make the argument to save their local courts and yet blithely vote for the Government demonstrates a complete lack of respect.
Kenny MacAskill may try to shirk responsibility, but these are his plans.  He is responsible for ending Scotland’s proud tradition of delivering justice at the heart of local communities.

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