Saturday, June 01, 2013

Joe 90 campaigns for Christine Jardine in Aberdeen Donside

The likeness is incredible.

Christine Jardine is proving to be a fabulous candidate, showing how the SNP is neglecting Aberdeen in favour of shoring up its more fragile power base in the Central Belt and calling on the Labour Council to stop dithering and build the third Don crossing. There was a stormy hustings yesterday, on Brian Taylor's Big Debate where the Labour and SNP candidates seemed to be more interested in kicking lumps out of each other than anything else. They made a lot of noise but Christine made sure she got in there and made her very reasonable, practical points as well. You can listen to the whole thing here.

Christine made the point that people she meets on the doorstep feel that the SNP Government is doing nothing for them. She also challenged the SNP on their refusal to provide nursery education for the poorest two year olds, 1000 of them in Aberdeen alone.

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