Sunday, March 11, 2007

Celebrity Fame Academy

So I've been indulging in some Sunday night reality tv. Not good, but just what I need at this moment. It's quite scary how attractive I find both Richard Park and Craig Revel Horwood (but not Patrick Kielty under any circumstances) no matter how much rubbish they talk. Mel Giedroyc was fantastic, so was Tara P-T. Tricia Penrose was slated by the judges for no good reason other than the fact that her stylist should be shot. Ray Stubbs, like football, hugely over-rated. Fred Macauley will probably get my patriotic vote and Shaun Williamson did the business but I don't want him to win. Colin Murray has the lovely Irish accent but he can't sing for toffee.

I don't actually care that much, but this brings a pleasant interlude, for a good cause, to a stressed pre election Sunday.


Unknown said...

I enjoy the program too, but it was spoilt by Angellica crying like some 5 year old who had just been told her painting was not up to much. As a result, she got the sympathy vote and mel lost out.

Hopefully she'll be given the boot tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Can't come soon enough for me - she has definitely outlived her usefulness.

I can't believe Mel's out. She was so good and so funny.

Anonymous said...

I liked Angellica - she was a lovely girl and a great singer - so it's not surprising she got upset when that Scots bully slagged her off. And how can you not like Paddy Kielty? Apart from being a great guy - I've met him before - he's a cracking comic.


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