Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vince Cable on Strictly?

Thanks to Louise for pointing me in the direction of an Independent interview in which Vince Cable of all people says he'd love to do Strictly Come Dancing and put Craig Revel Horwood in his place. Now, much as I love Vince, mainly for coming to the Livingston by-election, working like a Trojan and being generally fabulous, I have to say that my money would be on Craig. I really don't think Vince could compete with the master of the put down and Craig is just that tiny bit better looking.

Unfortunately Vince can dance already which probably means he wouldn't be eligible for it, but I was trying to work out what dancer he should be partnered with. Karen Hardy's partnership with another quiet unassuming 50 something with a wicked sense of humour (Bill Turnbull) was legendary and I could just see her with Vince. Or of course Miss Whiplash herself, Erin Boag.......... So far she's had 3 sportsmen and Julian Clary. I wonder what she'd make of a politician. I'm exempting Camilla Dallerup because I want her to win this year if Anton doesn't:-)

Seriously, though, after Julia Goldsworthy's excellent run in The Games, I'd love to see one of our lot do Strictly, especially one of the Scots so I could badger them for tickets:0)

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