Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sister Alert

I discovered earlier tonight that my sister reads this blog. I have no idea how on earth she found it, but, Honor, welcome to my world. And remember that if you were a nurse in England, you would have had to wait until October to get your pay rise in full............ Now what's the difference between the Government in England and the Scottish Executive?

She tells me that she would have commented on here before now if she had known she could have done so anonymously. So from now on, she will get the blame for every anonymous comment.

So, will I change what I write now I know she's reading it?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well then, I wondered how long it would take before I saw my name here after I told you I read your blog!!!!! Should have kept it a secret. Think you should start writing about more exciting things other than politics. Goodness you would think your life revolved around it!! ha ha ;)

Honor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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