Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tabloid Trouble

The local SNP has been putting out a tabloid newspaper where I live. My first thought is that whoever designed it needs to go to Desk Top Publishing School. Two extremely unflattering mugshots in the front page doesn't necessarily pass the "Bin Test" - being able to grab the reader's attention in the time it takes from doorstep to bin. I only read it because I have to and I can't imagine it inspiring anyone else. I guess they may have been relying on the fact that it takes longer to get to the recycling bin these days, but even so.............

I was also particularly bemused by an unfunny caricature of one of the local Labour councillors, who just happens to be significantly higher up the food chain than most Labour politicians I've come across in my time.

I would also have been spitting furious if my daughter had appeared in another political party's newspaper simply by taking part in an event in her school. I hope they had the permission of every single parent of every single child to publish that photo.....


Anonymous said...

I must say, Caron, you're being rather rough there with your comments.

I have been a reader of the North Livingston News throughout 2006 and was particularly interested in reading their latest edition.

I appreciate that a political party has taken to using positive publicity, rather than merely slating their opponents. The caricature piece you refer to was just that, and should not be taken too seriously; there is always room for satire over vitriol.

Despite currently being in coalition with Labour, the SNP and the LibDems share a remarkable degree of common ground and should be willing to work together.

Unknown said...

I did feel the piece in question was unfairly personal. I don't think I'd have liked it if it had been funny. I have no problem in putting another party's policies through robust analysis, but it's not fair when it starts to get personal. All this stuff with various Labour and SNP luminaries slagging each other off is a sign of nothing other than testosterone poisoning.

The whole point of the current political system we have at Holyrood and now at local government level is that parties do have to work together for the good of the country or the area. Anyone in elected office has a responsiblity to approach such talks fairly and with an open mind.


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