Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alex Cole-Hamilton reaaffirms Scottish Liberal Democrat commitment to free higher education

Alex Cole-Hamilton is the Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Edinburgh Central  for next year's elections.

I first met him 9.5 years ago during the 2001 election campaign when he was working in Edinburgh West. Before that, he'd been the President of Aberdeen University Students Representative Council.. As a former student leader he understands both the financial pressures students face and why we all need a flourishing higher education sector.

As this video shows, Alex joined the Liberal Democrats in the first place because of our success in abolishing tuition fees in the first Holyrood coalition and he remains committed to that policy today.

In Alex's words:
Without a well informed well educated graduate workforce, we can't hope to compete or be a leading source of innovation in the world economy.


James Mackenzie said...

You do realise that your Westminster candidates sounded passionate and committed on this issue, then their leadership sold the jerseys?

And that, closer to home, the coalition deal with Labour merely postponed payment but was spun as abolition?

I'm afraid to say (from talking to many of them) you've lost a generation of students now.

(x post at Stephen's similar piece)

Unknown said...

So how many Scottish undergraduates have paid upfront tuition fees at Scottish universities, then?

You are being very unfair, James. Scottish students have had it a great deal better than English students for the past few years and that is down purely to the lib Dems. To suggest otherwise is just plain wrong.


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