Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Browne Report - the next steps in the Liberal Democrat grassroots campaign to abolish tuition fees

Vince Cable's statement yesterday in which he said that the Liberal Democrats had accepted the principles of the Browne Report, removing the cap on tuition fees and lumbering students with around a £30,000 debt, doesn't get any better after sleeping on it.

I'm encouraged by the various efforts being organised to campaign against this. The person to follow on Twitter is @LiberalBertie as she has loads of information. If you're on Twitter, she's preparing an open letter to be sent to Liberal Democrat MPs. If you want to sign, send her a direct message on Twitter or e-mail me and I'll pass it on.

I liked this tweet from Sophie, who's LiberalBertie:
Real politics is not a bunch of MPs sitting around debating - it's what is happening now: the grassroots working and campaigning together!
There is also a Facebook Group, Lib Dems against Scrapping the Cap and a petition to sign.

Electronic stuff is fast moving and all well and good, but also talk to as many Liberal Democrat members as you can to build momentum.

I am delighted that MPs such as Julian Huppert, Greg Mulholland and Tim Farron have already said that they will vote against the proposals to honour the promise they made when they were elected.


Grogipher said...

Hi there Caron,

I'm really glad to see you keeping to your principles and standing up for what's right. Education should be a right, not a privilege. I wish you all the very bset in your campaign.

Presumably the Scottish Lib Dems are still pro-free education though, and Scotland's students are still safe?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how the government will scam students if it follows Browne`s suggested “levy” to control excessive fees ?
Every £1000 of fees above £6000 has a rake off to the government (report p.37). Browne`s suggested £7000 fee to cover the total withdrawl of government funding for the humanities already gives the government £60 per student that the student will be paying back for 30 years.
If Oxbridge goes for fees of £12000 a year the government rake off from the student`s £36000 is over £9000. Every £1000 over £12000 the government takes £750 but it would still be worthwhile for Oxbridge to try, may be, £20,000. The student pays back £60000, the government gets £27720.
Fees at these rates give big profits on staff costs to Oxbridge colleges, allowing them to accumulate all their endowment income. In 2008-2009 Oxford colleges had £738 million in land, £1550 million in shares and cash ( up from £1.2 billion in 2001. Cambridge has more.(THES 13/7/01)
Browne hits teachers and the children of teachers and showers money on Oxbridge and government.


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