Monday, August 15, 2011

How stupid can West Lothian Council get?

I'm sure West Lothian Council are not alone in this appalling lack of foresight, but I am absolutely livid that they have decided to carry out major road repairs on the Eliburn North roundabout and its approach roads on one of the busiest junctions in Livingston just as the schools go back.

They have had six weeks worth of holiday from school related traffic to get this sorted and they haven't bothered.

But it's ok, because I can turn right out of my house instead of left and go the other way round. It's a bit longer, but hey.

Except they're digging that road up too!

For those people who have kids to get to high school in one part of town and to primary schools up here, this is going to be an absolute nightmare. Thank you, West Lothian Council for making our lives a bit more needlessly stressful and complicated. I despair.

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GHmltn said...

How very stupid to do this work just as schools go back when they have had a 6 week window that would have been better.

Not everything is bad in West Lothian - I went to Jupiter Artland on Sunday between Livingstone and Dalmahoy - have you been.

I had not heard of it before and it is stunning. I blogged about it and the beautiful views of West Lothian yesterday!

Didn't think I would ever be blogging about West Lothian :D


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