Monday, August 04, 2008

Finnie Campaign Gathers Momentum

Ross Finnie's leadership campaign has in the past few days secured public endorsements from former leader David Steel, deputy leader of Fife Council Elizabeth Riches and immediate past convener Judy Hayman. Also supporting him are MSPs Hugh O'Donnell, Jim Tolson and former education minister Robert Brown, winner of the Queens Park by-election in Glasgow Margot Clark, Cllrs Robert Aldridge and Paul Edie from Edinburgh, former Chief Executive Andy Myles and former MSP for Gordon Nora Radcliffe. And me, of course:-)

I have been very encouraged by the amount of support for Ross there has been from the grassroots members. They like him very much, they respect his passionate liberalism and they see him as a credible alternative to our opponents.

I am not so thrilled that the Party has chosen my 20th wedding anniversary to announce the result of this election. My lovely, long suffering husband deserves my full attention on that day...........

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