Thursday, August 28, 2008

Those Iain Dale Lists

Thank you to everyone who voted for me - I truly did not expect to end up on any of Iain Dale's lists, but was at 30 in the Scottish Top 40 and 44 in the Lib Dem top 50.

My tribute blog rather proved its point by beating me in both lists.

Well done to Stephen who came in 11th in the Scottish blogs and 15 in the Lib Dems.

There were a few I thought deserved to be there more than me, most notably Duncan Borrowman, my first point of call when I want to read something intelligent about the US elections and Steve Webb's Webb Log.

1 comment:

Duncan Borrowman said...

Gee shucks. I must do that posting about why Obama is going to destroy McCain... and yes that is not a joke. It is a clear fact :-)


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