Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Weekend up North

I've been having a lovely weekend up north with my sister and her family. She has 4 children - or it might be 5 as I've barely seen Anna since we got here. She and her cousin Ru, who's only 10 weeks older, play so well together. They are equally obsessed with Doctor Who so occasionally we here the "Exterminate" of their remote control daleks. They appear when they want to be fed but so far there hasn't been a cross word between them.

Laura, who's almost 16, is beautiful, funny and bright. She's just had great results in her standard grades. She is so much braver than I ever was. She goes off to rock festivals and camps in fields. I wouldn't even do that now. I like my home comforts too much. She has just wanted to know what I was writing about her and she said that the only word she would add would be that she was amazing. I can't argue with that.

Emma, at 11, is incredibly sweet and always willing to help. She is very good at reading people and I suspect she is a future senior manager in the making.

The youngest, Aimee, is just a cute bundle of laughter and fun. She has spent much of today dressed as a bee, flitting around the place.

My sister had a huge party last night. She doesn't believe in making life easy on herself - I would have been down to Marks and Spencer buying pizza - she made them from scratch, and they were absolutely lovely. The food was gorgeous and the drink was plentiful. Not for me, though. I had had a couple of glasses of lovely rioja at lunchtime and didn't want to overdo it. By late evening I was completely sober and decided that there was very little point in starting as I'd only feel rough today. So, I didn't. I have to say that drink does help in the participation of Singstar, or at least in helping your ears appreciate everyone's contributions.

For the uninitiated, Singstar is a karaoke type game for the Playstation. It is highly addictive and was responsible for me being out at a party until 8.15am last year.

Maybe we should have introduced a Singstar round at the leadership hustings to make things even more exciting:-)

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