Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Live Blog - Tracking Santa

Who says the US military has no good purpose?

Every year they track Santa's progress round the world on Christmas Eve and it has become something of a tradition in our house to follow him on his travels.

My daughter is not a child who likes to be early in her bed at night - but as soon as the warning comes that children in Europe should go to bed, she's off there like a shot.

I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a live blog - although we've started late. He's done Australia and New Zealand and is currently in South Korea.

Update 14:53 Santa now in Pyongyang. Hope the brutal North Korean regime don't shoot him down. Maybe the US is trialling cloaking technology or something to make him invisible:-)

15:10 He seems to have survived the totalitarian regime in NK - now at the Great Wall of China. We usually get a video from there......

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Paul Walter said...

Yes, I used to follow it with my daughter. It was great fun when she was younger. Now she's at secondary school we're into a different era now. Ah! Wistful memories!


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