Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa now in Italy

Is it just me or is Santa on a bit of a go slow this year? I am sure that he's been in Italy round about 8.30 or 9.00 in previous years but he's only just stopped off in Rome.

We are ready for him now and Anna is just waiting her instruction to go to bed from the trackers.

We have left a bottle of water and some home made mince pies and cheese for Santa and some special food for the reindeer, made by crushing weetabix with little glittery stars. I wonder what Nigella would make of that.

She has also warned little Powder Puff, her hamster, that she may be disturbed tonight when Santa comes to call.

It looks like my poor husband is coming down with a horrid lurgy, which is all a bit too much deja vu from last year.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Maybe he was about to hit Rome but noticed he need to pick up a whole heap of coal for the Bishop of Rome, who had shifted to his naughty list in the last few gays, I mean days.

Anonymous said...

A bottle of water? Santa got a very nice glass of whisky at my house!

The NORAD site is brilliant - Amy always asks to see it, and a couple of years ago we were giving hourly updates on the phone to my niece when her computer was broken!

Unknown said...

Keith, if Santa had whisky in every house, he would be feeling pretty rough by the time he'd gone all the way round the world. Aren't we supposed to be encouraging responsible drinking? I know that it's the reindeer who are technically driving the sleigh, but Santa shouldn't allow himself to get completely drunken:-)

Stephen, I like your take on that:-)


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