Monday, December 29, 2008

A new generation falls for Brucie's charms

BBC2 showed the 1973 Generation Game Christmas Special the other night, which I duly recorded because I adored the show when I was a little girl. I also would never have seen this one as we were on one of the two family holidays we went on during my childhood, in Estoril. In those dark, prehistoric days, there was no infernal wickedness of Sky Plus, or even VHS, and colour tvs were the must-have item.

I was totally unprepared for how Anna reacted when we watched it back together. I had billed it as "come and see what Mummy watched when she was a little girl" fully expecting her to slope off back to her Puppies in my Pocket or Powder Puff the Hamster with a shrug after five minutes or so.

She loved it. And I mean really loved it to the extent that she is still talking about it two days later and has forbidden me to delete it from the infernal wickedness of Sky Plus.

While I was cringing at Brucie's bright red trousers and bright blue jacket, not to mention the patronising way he interracted with all the females on the show, she was laughing her socks off at Frankie Howerd, giggling at the contestants' well meaning but not very good efforts at the mince pie and Christmas cracker making games, and asking what all the topical jokes meant. She now knows that somebody called Mr Gormley wouldn't let the minerrs go to work back then. She loved the seven cuddly toys on the conveyor belt and could not believe that the star prize, a Trinitron Colour Television, which was presumably top of the range way back then, was in fact a tv. She said it looked like a microwave and could not be persuaded otherwise.

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip down Memory Lane for me - I just wish they had more of these that I could show her.

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Stephen Glenn said...

I think that was one of the first shows that the family sat down to watch in colour on Grandad's brand new colour TV. We didn't have colour in our house until the late 70s so it was a treat growing up to watch tele at the grandparents as it was colour.


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