Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pope likens homosexuality to destruction of rain forests

Ok, I never was going to agree with anything the Pope had to say about homosexuality, but his latest rant has made me splutter with indignation over my morning Earl Grey.

I am not a fan of any organised religion to be honest, but I have studied many of them in my time. To me, the New Testament is all about tolerance, diversity and compassion replacing corrupt legalism.

It's hardly surprising that church attendance is dwindling these days when they get their priorities so, so wrong.

Sure, the destruction of the rainforests is a huge problem facing humanity. Every day habitats and ecosystems are ripped apart for short term commercial gain. We should all be angry about this.

Sexuality is private, individual and as much a part of us as our hair or eye colour. No church or state should interfere.

It really is that simple, as far as I am concerned.

Idina Menzel sums it up perfectly with her song Gorgeous, performed live in London earlier this year. As she says if you love somebody, you shouldn't have to answer to nobody. It makes a good antidote to prejudice and I love the music as much as the lyrics.

Edit - just to add another simplistic but typically funny view from Costigan and a deeper analysis from Liz.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Aye me an L were talking about this earlier. I also see you got the hat tip from LDV for the sad news about Vicki.

I'm clearly too much of a loose cannon ;)

Derek Wall said...

Just think if you were a member of rainforest gay community in say the Philiphines http://another-green-world.blogspot.com/2008/12/fk-pope.html


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