Saturday, August 01, 2009

F1 Drivers' Messages to Massa

In the wake of Ferrari's Felipe Massa's horrid accident last weekend, Sky Sports rounded up his 19 fellow drivers and asked them to record a short message of support for him. It's now up on You Tube, so I thought I'd post it here in case you hadn't seen it.

All of the drivers are clearly concerned for Felipe, although Kimi in typical fashion gets his message into as few words as possible. Some of the drivers are clearly uncomfortable in front of the camera and having to think up a message, often not in their first language on the spot.

The affection that Rubens and Nelson have for him is obvious and their words, even though they're in Portuguese, are obviously very warm.

What struck me, though, was Jenson Button. He was the only one to say his name, which I thought was interesting as at that point Felipe was still unconscious. I thought that was quite a thoughtful thing to do because he may have thought they would play it to him while he was still unconscious. He was also very much a natural, walking along, talking to the camera and smiling. Betcha we see him in tv presenting at some point because that's quite a thing to pull off.

Hat tip to James Allen.

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