Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lock up your sons, the Feminists are coming, cries Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is excelling itself this Silly Season. First of all it publishes an article advocating eugenics and now it sees plans to teach children that domestic violence is wrong as some sort of scary sign that civilisation is about to end and these nasty feminists are going to take over the world.

This short article from the Economic and Social Research Council states that, depending on how you measure it, there are between 240,000 and almost a million children in the UK affected by domestic violence. They reckon that these figures are a gross understimation of the real problem. So, actually, that's a fair few children coming to school with an all too good idea of what domestic violence is all about because they see it on a regular basis.

The Fail squeals with horror that hard pressed teachers are forced to put time for this in an already packed curriculum while parents complain that they don't want their children indoctrinated. If they were being told that they'd all go to hell if they didn't say their prayers, I'd agree, but surely it's a good thing if they're having some guidance early on in what constitutes a healthy relationship.

I can't believe the paper is failing to see the problems domestic violence causes yet it goes all hysterical about Swine Flu, which for the overwhelming majority of its sufferers will turn out to be a mild infection, necessitating lying on the sofa watching trashy tv for a few days.

It's not the school lessons that are sinister, it's the Mail's attempts to paint everybody who pursues equality as some sort of harbinger of hell. I don't expect to see them printing any time soon this piece of research which shows that feminists tend to have healthier relationships and that men in a relationship with a feminist partner report greater relationship stability and sexual satisfaction.

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