Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Force is with Fisi - Spa qualifying gives Force India first pole positon

I am really feeling lousy tonight and not up to writing a full report of qualifying from the Belgian Grand Prix. I massively overdid it earlier today and am paying the price - to the extent that when I watched my infernal-wickedness-of-Sky+ recording of what was a thrilling session, I actually fell asleep.

If you want to read more comprehensive reports, these nice people at Autosport and James Allen oblige with some excellent articles so I'll leave you in their capable hands.

However, I couldn't head off to bed without commenting on two things. You really do have to be careful what you wish for in this life, just in case you get it in an unexpected way. Regular readers will know that I have on occasion been known to comment disparagingly about Eddie Jordan's choice of clothing. I'm sure the BBC production team will be aware of similar despair about the subject on Twitter so they clearly contrived to teach us a lesson by filming Jordan half naked at Rubens Barrichello's house. Having seen that sight, I'm sure we will never complain about his clothes again. Not even the white jeans combined with royal blue shirt, or the shirt in a murderous shade of pink, or the Valencia duvet improvisation shirt from last weekend.

Jordan provides a link to today's unexpected big news, as well, as the great great granddaddy of the Force India team - which started out as Jordan and went through a few changes of owners to end up as FIF1 today. I've been wanting to see them get into Q3 for a while, but their driver Giancarlo Fisichella exceeded all expectations by grabbing a spectacular first place. It's great to see the underdogs take their first pole position - they have made massive improvements to their car in the last few races. Fingers crossed that they get their first points tomorrow.

Rubens Barrichello added to his stunning win in Valencia last weekend by qualifying a full 10 places above team-mate Jenson Button. Although he qualified lightest of the top ten, he's in a good position to take some points out of Jenson's lead and keep up the momentum in his championship challenge.

I'm going to need my Official Hiding Behind Pillow for tomorrow's race, that's for sure. Let's hope that Jenson manages not to get caught in traffic and can work his way up the field into the points. I suppose the one consolation from Brawn's point of view is that the Red Bulls have not performed as well as they were expected to here, with Vettel and Webber in 8th and 9th places.

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