Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Caron's Corkers - 12 October 2011

Complicity raises some very relevant questions about the Government's proposals for filtering broadband. I have to say I don't like the idea of somebody else choosing what's to be blocked.

Mr Doctor Chocolate Man asks if we can guess who said what.

I have to wait until next Summer before I can even contemplate the iPhone 4S, but Stephen Fry tells me I have lots to look forward to. I know he's not exactly unbiased, but it's a good counter to the media's sniffy attitude to it.

Daddy Alex takes on Charlie Brooker over......trailers.

Clair talks about books she wishes she could read for the first time again.

Fancy having a go at Transatlantic Blonde's Feminist Friday this week? The theme is reverse sexism.

I loved Political Parry's post last Friday on subvertising - I kind of do this with regime orientated parenting books - re-arranging bookshelves in shops so that they are less prominent, and all the ones about attachment parenting are more so.

I'm actually heartbroken reading Ruth Bright's experiences as a new mum and PPC. This party allowed her to be treated disgracefully. Any managers of an employee who behaved in that manner would have a tribunal to sort them out. Women who find themselves subject to such appalling behaviour need to have someone who can kick ass to go to.

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