Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What you should know about tonight's Conservative Party Broadcast

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I am one of these sad people who watch party political broadcasts. I like to see what the opposition, who usually have much more money than we do, have produced. I like to see what we have put together on a budget of tuppence ha'penny and a home grown beetroot.

I missed tonight's Tory broadcast on account of being required for chauffeuring duties - in a car that had next to no petrol in it - and I forgot my phone as well. Thankfully I made it to the petrol station in one piece.

When I came home, someone had texted me about it. A political person, not a normal punter, but still. Who does that?

My Twitter & Facebook feeds were full of it.

Thanks to the wonders of You Tube, I watched it in amazement. Basically we had various Tory great and good in various grand surroundings taking the mickey out of the normal format of PPBs and then saying they were doing something different - using it as an appeal for the East Africa famine. The broadcast ended not with a URL but an exhortation to google East Africa Appeal. This came after they slipped in that they had all donated & the Government had sent stacks of cash.

The brazen cynicism of the whole thing blew me away. It was clever. I'll give them that.

If they actually care about dying babies, though, they could show it by taking on the huge corporate interests of the artificial baby milk manufacturers & put a stop to them marketing their products inappropriately. That kills eleven times more babies every six minutes than the current famine.

The fact that we're all so gobsmacked by this broadcast speaks volumes. Nobody expects the Tories to be so, well, human.

The disclaimer was missing though. I'm sure if you look very carefully in the small print, you'll see 'no spots on any leopards have been changed in the making of this broadcast'.

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@Kelbelle_LD said...

I'm confused by your reference to manufactured milk?

Unknown said...

Well, they make a lovely broadcast full of platitudes telling us that a baby is dying every six minutes in East Africa and we should all personally donate to the appeal.

However, the WHO reckons a million babies die every year because of inappropriate marketing of breast milk substitutes in Africa yet Governments do nothing to tackle this.

I just thought that was worth mentioning - if the Tories want to save lives, let them take on the companies who market the artificial baby milk there.


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