Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eamonn Holmes tells rape victim that she should have taken a taxi

For such an experienced media professional, Eamonn Holmes' foot has been hovering fairly close to his mouth quite a lot this year.

His reaction to the tragic death of 27 year old Amy Winehouse was to tout for business for Sky as I wrote at the time. 

I mean, what excuse is there to tweet this?

Today, on This Morning, he decided to give a rape victim a bit of kindly advice - expressing his hope that she'd take a taxi in future. I literally have no words to describe such utter crassness. Thankfully, though, Philippa Willitts, writing at The F Word, puts him right in no uncertain terms.

This seems as good a moment as ever to remind you of Rape Crisis Scotland's Not Ever campaign which seeks to tackle the victim blaming culture associated with rape.  No other crime victims have sympathy for them suspended while their actions are pored over to ensure that they didn't contribute to the horrendous violation that will cast a shadow over the rest of their lives.

Eamonn Holmes might actually learn something from this list of tips on how to prevent rape. I'd like to see him apologise and refer to some of these tomorrow on the show.

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Stephen Glenn said...

He did not, did he?

Not everyone can afford to take taxis everywhere. We don't all have Eamon's salary. Also sometimes hanging around at the Taxi rank may not feel like the safest place for a woman (indeed any person) on her own even if she can afford it.


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