Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Caron's Corkers - 2 November 2011

Cicero is not impressed with the Greek Government and predicts its departure from the Eurozone.

Stephen looks back as he celebrates his Triple Millennium. Congratulations!

The Peat Worrier's heart is bleeding for Scotland's judges who are having to endure a pay freeze.

A Liberal Dose thinks the Public Sector are much better off than him when it comes to pensions.

Bellgrove Belle shows that women in politics can come up against the same problems regardless of the party they're in.

Fiona McTaggart MP on doing another woman politician down - and telling us more, maybe unintentionally, about the nature of parliamentary questions than she meant. It's more about point scoring than the elucidation of information. But we knew that anyway, I guess.

Will Young? Sex in a Bin? Gratuitous headline grab of the week from Liberal Burblings.

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