Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lallands Peat Worrier to throw off his wig.........

..... and reveal to us who he is.

Maybe all of Scotland already knows this and I'm the last to find out, but, whatever, I'm looking forward t it.

I know his first name from private e-mails, and I know he's young enough to be my son from chatting to SNP activists, but that, so far, is the extent of my knowledge.

I haven't really minded his anonymity - I don't when the standard of writing is as consistently high as he manages. He combines intellectual rigour and a generally liberal mindset with wicked satire. I only have a problem with anonymity when people use it to throw around bile and abuse online. There are occasions when people need to be anonymous for all sorts of reasons, one of them to be able to write honestly about their profession - it's informative and adds to the debate.

But anyway, in just two and a half hours, we'll see who he is in real life, on the Politics Show Scotland. I said to presenter Raymond Buchanan on Twitter that I hoped the make-up department had the right sort of powder for his wig, but he reminded me that BBC Scotland produces Garrow's Law, so of course they will.

Not only that, but The Burd is on this programme too. It's great to see two of my favourite bloggers on the telly. And Mike Moore, one of my favourite people is on too. I literally can't wait.

See you at 12:30. I'm off to the gym first, though. I hope you're impressed.


Ewan said...

I'll have to tune in. My guess from a few clues - West coast originally, Hutchie/ Glasgow Uni/academic down South? Certainly very bright and shouldn't hide.

Unknown said...

Right on all counts, Ewan.

Unknown said...

Ah exciting. Missed this totally. Am off to find it on the iplayer.

Anonymous said...

I only have a problem with anonymity when people use it to throw around bile and abuse online.

Not like people who use their names and blog about something which they obviously know nothing about for party political reasons.

same difference.

e.g. Scotland Bill heralded by your boy Moore which in short is designed to return powers that undermine the SG where Westminster can stop any legislation that they don't like standard Tory dictatorship outlook.

Holyrood and the Scotland bill: the crunch looms

Some of us want democracy in Scotland not the dictatorship which your party wants to continue.

cH as blogger playing silly b.....


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