Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Better Together make me laugh

I found out something I didn't know about my husband last week. He reads emails from Better Together. I honestly didn't expect that. I tend to read all the political geekery and tell him what's happening. He tends not to do too much politicking, but he's really up for campaigning to ensure that Scotland stays as part of the UK. He hasn't been this exercised about an issue since we spent 2003 going to various marches against the Iraq war.

I discovered his Better Together habit when I returned to the car with some shopping, There he was, chortling away. The reason? An amusing typo.

The word "surgeons" in the email had been mistyped as "sturgeons."

Quite why the Deputy First Minister might have been on the author's mind as they typed this missive, I'm not sure.

Yes, it's amusing, but in terms of mistakes it's nothing compared to suggesting that after independence Scotland would just continue as a member of NATO and the EU and then being proved wrong. Or one week saying that there was considerable uncertainty in oil revenues and the next that we were bound to have an oil boom. And it's certainly not as cynical as targetting women voters with promises of childcare help - which they could give now, by the way, but only after independence.

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Peter A Bell said...

I would ask you to detail the process by which Scotland might be ejected from the EU and other awkward questions, but I know from experience to expect a very unpleasant reaction when one challenges the inane prejudices of British nationalists.


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