Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Just listen. You could change a life" See Me Scotland launches new campaign to encourage conversation on mental health

Two guys on a golf course. But they aren't talking about football or beer. It quickly becomes clear that one has been an absolute lifeline to the other, helping him through a period of mental ill health, encouraging him out and being a friend.

That's the ad from See Me Scotland which starts a new campaign to encourage us to ask people how they are feeling and listen to what they have to say about their mental health. A couple of weeks ago, during a debate on mental health at Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference, Lin Macmillan described two occasions in her life when she had been off sick from work. The first was very isolating, nobody came to visit and nobody really knew. The second, the house was filled with flowers and the phone never stopped ringing. One time she had Cancer, the other Depression. Want to take a wild guess which was which?

See Me Scotland's two month campaign, which you can read more about here, includes advertising on buses as well as the tv and radio ads. You might like to take some time to go their audio page and listen to some of the interviews they have done with people.

I'll be following the campaign and you can do so too on Facebook and Twitter.

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