Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Isn't it lovely to be appreciated?

Look what I got in the post this morning...

Not only did that make it feel that all of my efforts in February had been noticed, but the growing number of photographs of them popping up all over the place brought back happy memories of how the party really bonded and worked together to get Mike Thornton into Westminster. I didn't even go to Eastleigh. All I did was at the end of a phone in the warm. Nothing compared to those fabulous people who worked pretty much 24/7 for weeks. If we get a badge, they should get a vat of beer.

Thanks to whoever it was in LDHQ who thought to do this. It was a lovely surprise, and came out just at the right time.

But enough of this soft-heartedness. These phone calls to voters across the country aren't going to make themselves.

The party has put the same spirit into the local elections as it did into Eastleigh, working hard to get our brilliant local councillors re-elected.

Liberal Youth's Gold Guard initiative has seen them campaign all over the country. Just see how they are making a difference.

Just two more days of slog, people. Keep at it.

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Stephen Glenn said...

I have read elsewhere that the idea was Chief Executive Tim Gordon's. Which seeing the number of ways he said thank you to those in HQ over the by election doesn't surprise me.


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