Monday, April 01, 2013

The April Fool round-up

There were some very clever April Fool jokes out there in the blogosphere yesterday. Here are some of the best.

Very cleverly crafted piece from Liberator: "Clegg to abandon electoral reform?"

Does this from Ian Smart mean we can now describe him as a cybernat?

He may be too late. Lallands Peat Worrier reports on the demise of the Scottish Independence and For A' That podcasts because "nothing good can ever come from separation." Find out why independence is like putting cheese and bacon into a meringue.

Stephen Tall has an exclusive about Nick Clegg's proposed changes to the Liberal Democrat constitution.

Scot Goes Pop on how a 2011 Liberal Democrat broadcast is one of the top five of the last 40 years.

Liberal Democrat Voice suggests a secret pact between the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

And in the rest of the media

I couldn't wait to show my daughter this from the New Statesman, particularly as she was so outraged by the Easter Bunny doing her easter egg treasure hunt in Comic Sans.

The Guardian Goggles? Not very good, to be honest. Like the Guardian itself, a lot of the time.

The Daily Fail has an amusing piece suggesting that someone in 1938 had a prototype mobile phone.

ITV has a prototype Royal Pram designed by BMW.

And a special mention for the Lotus F1 team's World Simulator Championships.

I'd say the Blogosphere wins hands down for combining cleverly crafted posts with a frisson of plausibility.

Sadly, the Bedroom Tax and the bourach that is the single Scottish Police force are real and don't just stop at 12 noon.

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