Sunday, September 29, 2013

Grumps and the Wicked Witch are back in business

Susan Leslie's campaign in the Dunfermline by-election is off to a flying start. I'm sitting in the office in the town centre working on emails and phone calls and sending people out with leaflets and canvass cards. It's quite emotional being back here, having spent 4 years as part of Willie Rennie's team when he was the MP. I am proud of what he and Jim Tolson did for the area and for the people of West Fife.

Our office was always so busy and people knew they could rely on us to fight as hard as we possibly could for them. They remember that time, too, as Willie and Susan Leslie knock on doors, welcoming them warmly.

While the Labour & SNP candidates argue about where they live or about apologising for Bill Walker, Susan's talking about things people care about like the local hospital. The SNP have not delivered much for Dunfermline: understaffed hospitals mean long waiting times and 1200 local college places have been lost. They could do so much more to ensure young people have apprenticeships and learning opportunities. And Alex Salmond says decent nursery education for 2 year olds, delivered in England for 40% of the poorest children by the Liberal Democrats, isn't a priority for him.

This campaign sees me reunited with my old friend Derek Barrie. I love him to bits. Don't tell him that, though. I'm safe saying it here because it's on the internet, where he never goes. He hasn't even read the post I wrote on his 70th birthday last year.

Derek was the party's chief of staff when I was Campaigns & Candidates Convener. together with Iain Smith, we did our best to support candidates across Scotland in the run up to the 2005 general election and beyond. He is the organised one and I am the Mother Hen. We might bicker like anything but we do work pretty well together.  Although calling me the Wicked Witch of West Lothian is a right cheek.

So, if you have some free time, or even if you don't just come anyway, get yourself over to Dunfermline to join in our lively, busy and fun campaign. We have an excellent, friendly & feisty candidate, a good record of delivering for this town and cake. And gluten free Jaffa cakes.

It is good to have the old team reunited and to see new faces in the Dunfermline HQ. People are coming to help Susan because they've been impressed by her.

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