Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Himmelgarten's Cafe's spot on analysis of terror operation

Amidst all the budget talk, you might miss the fact that no evidence has been found that the 12 students arrested in Lancashire the other week were up to terrorist plotting. You'd think they'd be released and allowed to go back to their lives instead of turned over to the Borders Agency and potentially thrown out of the country.

Costigan Quist has written an excellent analysis of this and if you do nothing else today, read it.

Mind you, this is the same Home Office who have separated breastfeeding mothers from their babies, locked families up in horrendous conditions in Dungavel and Yarl's Wood and suggested that gay men would be fine in countries where they could be put to death as long as they were discreet. We shouldn't really be surprised. Ashamed, but not surprised.....

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the BBC article reports that their lawyer claimed that "no evidence has been disclosed".

We can't say either way if evidence was found. For the CPS to proceed any evidence found has to be enough and of sufficient strength to give a reasonable chance of conviction or to justify further detention. Hence the factually correct title of the article "no charges brought" and the factually correct statement by the lawyer that "no evidence has been disclosed". It's a leap from there to say that "no evidence has been found".

I'm no fan of the abuses of terrorist legislation and the article you link to is interesting but the truth of your claim can't be verified at present. The only true statement is whatever evidence GMP had was insufficient to bring charges or justify further detention.


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