Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Leaky Chanter offends the SNP

Finally, the press get round to debating whether A Leaky Chanter is part of a wicked Labour plot to smear the SNP.

I say finally, because I first mentioned them in association with this over a week ago, even before Iain Dale.

A Leaky Chanter is occasionally juvenile, usually amusing and, let's face it, is more Heat magazine than the Economist. Not surprisingly, some nationalists have been a bit sniffy about it, but then, they would be, woudn't they?

It takes all sorts to make a blogosphere and, sure, if I was marooned on a desert island and told I could only link to a few blogs, I wouldn't pick it in a million years, but it doesn't do any harm. I may yet be proved wrong, but I hope I'm not - I am fairly certain there is nothing sinister in its intent.

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Malc said...

I think its fairly sinister in its intent hence the lack of linking to it... plus the guys that run it have been quite rude!

But I think the same of Nat-attack blogs and seldom read them... so I guess I'm even!

Unknown said...

When I was talking about sinister, I meant that it's not out to rip people's personal lives apart.

I think that all governments (adnd politicians) need people to take the mickey out of them, so ALC has its place.

Indy said...

What is disappointing about the anti nat blogs like Leaky Chanter, Grumpy Spindoctor etc is how crap they actually are. If Leaky Chanter really is written by Labour staffers it's worrying (for Labour).

It's all basically about Alex Salmond, not even about the SNP. Rubbish really.

The likes of Ian Dale or Guido Fawkes have a bit of substance to them, as well as having a go at personalities.

Labour bloggers don't seem to be capable of anything more than saying Alex Salmond is fat. That's kind of obvious.

Unknown said...

To be fair, there are some worthwhile Labour blogs out there -I don't always agree with Kez and Yousuf, but they don't fall into the category you mention.

Like I said, ALC isn't the most highbrow example of political blogging, but if politicians can't laugh at themselves, there's something wrong.


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