Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lib Dems call for withdrawal of European Baby Bottle Poster

I'm glad to see that the Lib Dems have called for the withdrawal of the EU election poster featuring a baby bottle to represent the family that I blogged about on Friday. The press release from Andrew Duff, leader of the Lib Dems in the EU said:

"In documentation designed to promote the European elections in June this year the European Union has produced postcards which undermine World Health Organisation, UK health guidance and the European Blueprint for Action, all of which promote breastfeeding by associating a baby bottle as an appropriate image of a family.

Andrew Duff MEP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the European Union said: 'This image is not suitable to portray a family, other images could have been used, even a picture of a family. All agencies agree that breatfeeding is the best start for babies, yet this postcard undermines the work of all these organisations.'

Numerous Liberal Democrat campaigners including Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Watford are supporting Andrew Duff's stance, 'So many organisations have worked so hard to increase breastfeeding rates, it is ridiculous that to promote one election, the European Union have decided to portray the choice between family and work in this way. This advert should be withdrawn.'

Arwen Folkes, Managing Director of Real Baby Milk says: 'The use of this image is thoughtless and careless. Especially when you consider the sterling work that so many professionals and volunteers are currently undertaking. We are all working hard to change negative social perceptions of breastfeeding and to properly inform and support mothers to give human milk to their babies and thereby improve the health of future generations. The use of this image by a body such as the European Union sadly perpetuates the cultural assumption that bottle feeding is the normal way to feed babies. I sincerely hope that it can be withdrawn in time.'"

Those of you on Facebook can show your support for this stance by joining the group Europe - Baby Bottles do not represent the Family

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