Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Brawn Fairytale Continues

Well, what a race that was!

Barrichello had a brilliant start, but couldn't make the car go fast enough to stay ahead of his team-mate. It's a shame, because he did so much to set up the car for the weekend and it would have been nice to see him rewarded with a win. Of course, it was in Brawn's interests to keep Jenson ahead in the championship and build as big a barrier as possible because this run of extraordinary good fortune can't last forever.

I'm not sure I can quite get my head round Massa's fuel problem. Surely they knew that having Vettel up his backside would make him use up his fuel quicker. Why didn't they put enough in to get him to the end of the race in position. Like the UK Labour Party, when one thing starts to go wrong, everything else seems to fall apart.

I was glad to see Webber get on the podium after having his last weekend ruined by a half asleep Adrian Suthil. Did you hear the blue rinse brigade tutting as he said the F word before the presentation? I mean, on the BBC, on the Sabbath - what is the world coming to? He had a fantastic moment with Alonso which showed both of their driving skills at their best.

I can't wait for Monaco!

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