Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Steamin' at Steamie for Swinson Story

I am currently engulfed in a fury unrivalled in its intensity at the Scotsman's political blog, The Steamie, for its shameless referral to the Telegraph's inaccurate claims that Jo Swinson claimed for make up on her expenses.

This comes on the day that the Guardian, albeit rather grudgingly, corrected their reporting of this complete non-story.

I can't find a way to link directly to the Steamie's article, but it's entitled "David Maddox - Don't Tell the Candidate". I've already left a comment there but don't let that stop you from adding your own thoughts. You can also complain to the Scotsman directly here.

I love the way Jennie,in one of the best and funniest postings I've read in a long time, lambasted the Telegraph. Then CSI Graham not only forensically took the story apart, but gave us some useful things we could do about it.

To add to James' list of all the hard work on behalf of her constituents that Jo is renowned for, she was also named as Scotland's hardest working MP by the Sun of all things - a worthy accolade, but concentrating on her work actually in Parliament. She works as hard again on the ground in her constituency.

I am seriously annoyed at the sexism and innuendo in these recent articles about Jo and it's time these publications mended their ways.

UPDATE: I have just woken up from a long sleep to discover that the inaccurate parts of that story have now been removed, along with all our comments. Thanks for your help in achieving Justice for Jo!

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Stephen Glenn said...

I have done.

I think I'll unleash Iain Macwhirter on Maddox. This is just the sort of lazy blogging that Iain was getting cheesed off with.

subrosa said...

Email Maddox directly Caron. I understand he does reply.

Drop me an email of you want his address.

Administrator said...

Caron - The blog has been changed and the offending section removed. I have to say I checked with the Telegraph who said they had not retracted anything on the original story.
Thank you to you and the others for pointing out the Guardian apology.

James said...

Justice for Jo?

You make her sound like a Gurkha stranded overseas, or the victim of the kind of miscarriage of justice which leaves you behind bars for a decade for a crime you didn't commit.

Unknown said...

David, many thanks for that. I'd actually posted an update before I received your comment.

Administrator said...

Btw Caron if you want to e-mail me in the future about anything like this or even with stories (we journalists live in hope) you can get me on - David

Mr Eugenides said...

All of which fails to resolve the question of how Jo looks so lovely all the time, if I'm not paying for it...

subrosa said...

Ah I see you've changed your email address is the past couple of weeks David. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?


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