Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vote for a Change

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There seems to be quite a push for electoral reform across the whole of progressive politics at the moment. It's not something that's new as most of the people involved have been committed to fair votes forever and a day, but the cause has been revitalised as people look for a solution to the mess politics currently finds itself in.

Now a group comprising musicians, journalists and politicians from all parties, from the King of the Twitterverse Stephen Fry to Martin Bell to Brian Eno, have signed up to a campaign for a referendum on PR. It's quite non specific on the system and another good example of non geeky campaigning on this subject, concentrating instead on the main point - giving power back to the people.

Looking through the list of signatories also gives me an excuse to link again to Philip Pullman's brilliant address to the Carnival of Modern Liberty earlier this year for entirely gratuitous reasons, you understand.

The case for electoral reform has never been stronger - even if you look at the current expenses crisis, Lib Dem Blogger of the Moment Mark Reckons has shown a correlation between the safer your seat and the likelihood that you will be involved in questionable expenses claims. A change in the voting system would make MPs much more vulnerable and so is required as a matter of urgency.

If you agree, add your name to the Vote for a Change campaign here.

By the way, I know the image above is blue. On my pc it is yellow and black, but it turns blue when I upload it. I'm not enough of a geek to work out why, but please be assured I'm not turning into a Tory.

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