Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision Hangover

I am suffering this morning. It was extremely ill advised to stay awake to watch the Eurovision Song Contest when I was already feeling tired and I suspect I will be feeling the consequences for a while. It was worth it, though - a show which has tutus, weird green aliens, fire, kinky boots and giant hamster wheels really has to be watched live, and I have to say that sharing the experience on Twitter with many of my friends certainly enhanced my enjoyment of it.

I don't get the attraction of the Norwegian song which won a record breaking victory - I preferred the tacky, cheesy Finnish entry and the gimmicky Greek one. I also thought the Albanian offering, which had a green alien thingy stalking the tutu wearing young singer could have come straight out of an episode of Torchwood. I was waiting for Captain Jack to burst in and flirt with both of them.

Our Jade Ewen had no such gimmicks. She had to make do with Andrew Lloyd Webber accompanying her on the piano. She was clearly nervous, but she looked amazing and sang the song very well. We could not have asked more of her.

There was still evidence of the "block voting" that has tarnished the competition so much that it drove Terry Wogan from his commentary booth, but it didn't seem to be as pernicious as in the past.

Graham Norton was absolutely fantastic in Terry's place, though. "I don't want to poison your minds, but that was pants" he said to the cheesy German entry sung by a chap in skin tight silver trousers, accompanied by Dita Von Teese in the tightest corset you ever saw. Clearly she doesn't have internal organs......

I am still completely off the booze - I have to say I haven't had so long without a drink since I was pregnant so my "hangover" comes purely from tiredness. Heaven help those poor souls who picked Norway in the drinking games, though. I bet they feel really rough today.

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