Monday, November 05, 2012

Mike Moore described as Westminster's answer to James Bond

It's been a while since Scottish Liberal Democrats have had much in the way of positive press coverage.

This week has seen a bit of a bumper crop, though. First, there was the Why we need the Lib Dems article from last week's Sunday Herald which said that Willie Rennie was "Salmond's best inquisitor" at Holyrood.

Then there was Euan McColm lauding Rennie as "coolly impressive" after his performance in the EU debate.

And now we have, at flippin' last, someone recognising the talents of Mike Moore, our Secretary of State for Scotland, that I've been banging on about for ages.

In today's Independent on Sunday, John Rentoul compares Mike Moore to James Bond. He goes on to say that Salmond may have met his match in Moore:
Salmond has been underestimated before, although support for independence in opinion polls has rarely exceeded one third of the electorate. But he may have met his match in Moore, as skilful in judging the politics of Whitehall as he is the mood of Scotland. It may be that, after the referendum, Moore will be counted the most successful Liberal Democrat in the Cabinet, and, even, the man who saved the United Kingdom.
If Mike Moore does not hear the sound of the Bond theme the second he walks into his office this morning, I will be very disappointed. And if someone doesn't nick his phone and change the ringtone to that familiar tune, I will not be happy.

So, the next thing we need is for journalists to recognise the work of Nick Clegg, on childcare, mental health, giving extra money to disadvantaged kids and youth unemployment. I won't hold my breath on that one.

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