Thursday, April 08, 2010

Help the Labservatives choose their next Cabinet

The Labservatives are pretty sure that they will remain in power. I mean, to them, it's a fairly safe bet. They've chalked up 65 years of scandal, war and recession so I guess you can understand such rampant complacency. However, in a radical act of benevolence, their leader Gorvid Camerown has offered you the chance to help choose his next Cabinet.

For this you can let your imagination run riot. You just have to name your minister, or you can go so far as to photoshop them - just put your creative genius to good use.

There is even a prize, so you will be able to say "I spent all night designing a Labservative Minister and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

All the details and the small print can be found here.

Have fun! And let that familiarity breed consent!


Charles Dundas said...

Arggh. I want to do this, but I haven't got the time. Maybe they will let me send one in after the election?

Unknown said...

I think you might find that you aren't allowed if you read the small print........


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