Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vince Cable is right about everything

There's a lot of Vince Cable love out there. You just have to admire the originality of the people who keep these amazing videos coming.

Sex Pistols yesterday, Europop today, what will tomorrow bring?

Sadly, Dr Cable may be Almighty but he isn't invinceable (get it?) He was grounded, like everyone else in the country by some massive cloud of volcanic ash.

Former Scottish Lib Dem Leader Nicol Stephen stepped in to accompany Willie Rennie to visit a motorcycle shop in Dunfermline which has been badly let down by Labour's failure to get the banks lending to sustainable businesses.

Nicol Stephen said:

“Taxpayers already own massive stakes in many high street banks but those banks still won’t meet their own legally binding targets for lending.

“Many successful businesses need money upfront and it’s in all our interests that they get it.

“Labour has turned a blind eye to bad banking practice. Liberal Democrats would force state-backed banks like RBS and HBOS to start lending. If they didn’t meet our binding new targets, the Board of Directors would be held responsible and fired.

“That’s real action to get banks lending and deliver a fair deal for Scottish business.

Willie Rennie added:

“Small businesses in this constituency need cash flow to survive.

“Labour has brought the banks under public ownership but has not made them serve the public interest.

“Businesses like Scott Murray Motorcycles deserve a fair deal from their banks, not a battle to access the money they need to grow.

“That is what the Liberal Democrats will deliver”.

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