Friday, April 23, 2010

So the Tories were behind the smears on Nick Clegg

Well well, I've found something that's not #nickcleggsfault!

Yesterday, I suggested that one way of dealing with the smears on Nick Clegg, particularly the ridiculous one in the Torygraph which tried to depict his entirely correct receipt and registration of donations as something murkier, was to write to the advertisers in that publication to suggest that their brand was being damaged by being associated with such shenanigans.

Well, it seems that that argument has been reinforced by none other than Nick Robinson the BBC's political editor who confirmed last night that the Tories had had the political correspondents of the Tory papers in and fed them things they wanted published.

If that sort of thing makes you angry, take a few minutes to write to the likes of Waitrose, Nat West, Tesco, Thomson/First Choice and FlyBe. The links are to their contact details.

After that, go and help your nearest Liberal Democrat campaign. Find out how here.

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Martin Veart said...

If anybody doubted the link between the smear attacks and the Conservative party, look on Conservative Home:

They are counting on further stories to drive the Lib Dems back into the mid-twenties.


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